Media-Place partners is providing a wide range of services and products to customers that would like to create or participate in the creation of new TV channels and medias.

Media-Place partners is also developing his own portfolio of TV concepts. These projects are simple, original and studied with dedicated partners specialised on the theme.

The experience and competencies of the Media-Place Founders are the main advantages we have to conceive TV channel that are perfectly balanced to attract the audience and maximize the revenu without spending more than needed.

What we do

Preliminary analysis

From the idea to the definition of concepts and the business-plan.

Conception of your television

  • Identify and develop key concepts.
  • Construct a complete editorial grid.
  • Negociate with main partners (Ad agency, transmission, operators, …)

Launch of the channel
With our main partners, it is possible to deliver a complete turnkey TV channel.

  • Build the complete technical broadcast facility.
  • Recruit talented people.
  • Build the workflows and implement methodology.
  • Begin production and buy programs.
  • Program the TV channel.
  • Maximise revenues (Ads, subscription, licensing, teleshopping, …)


  • Develop a strategy in new media (Web, mobile, …)
  • Use the trademarks (TV, Programs, …) to develop new related activities.

Our customers

Content Owners

For those who have or plan to produce contents, it could sometimes be particularly relevant to launch a dedicated TV channel, especially if the targetted audience is well-defined.

Medias and Operators

Medias and cab/sat operators are looking for new original Tv channels or rebranding of existing ones to enhance their offers.


To diversify their assets, some investors are looking for investment in medias. We are providing this kind of opportunities with dedicated Business-Plan.


Some of our customers (Companies, Institutions) are looking for some tools to improve their reputation. We help them in developing a real strategy in the TV area (conceiving branded programs and branded TV channels).